Introducing the Fall 2019 Collection!

River Song jewelry began as a winter reprieve from organic farming. Drawing inspiration from the fields around her, River began to create jewelry that embodied the essence of the earth.

Her designs continue to celebrate the natural world with refined organic style. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand in Seattle, preserving its authentic nature.

A tangible happy memory.


We are committed to community & conservation of resources, and make every effort to source our gems & materials responsibly. Our gems are natural & free of dye & treatments. We have been working with the same family of gem cutters for over a decade.

Other elements are antique or originals, sourced directly from the artists & producers. In our jewelry we use a combination of sterling silver, 24k gold & 14k goldfill. Our 14k goldfill is a recycled product.


Wear our jewelry with care. Many natural gemstones & pearls are sensitive to cleansers, heat & light. Exposure to these elements can affect color & luster. Jewelry should not be worn in water. Please store in a clean, dry place. Oxidized sterling silver finish may brighten with wear.

Thank you for continuing to wear & love our jewelry.  -River & River Song



*NEW* River Song Fall 2019 Linesheet

Stationery Linesheet - Heart Cards BACK IN STOCK! (Yay!) - Guadalupe & Frida Card sets currently out of stock.

Original Paintings and Votives by Luis Romero