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This is a love story. It begins with me falling in love with a Mexican man, getting to know his family, exploring his language and his homeland. I discovered a deep sense of connectedness and community, a natural order in their way of crafting things.

This special collection is inspired by my desire to preserve old-world traditions. To collaborate in craftsmanship and navigate cultural differences. To create lasting beauty and love.

Each piece is made to order on 100 year old wooden looms
by gentlemen nearly that old. The wool yarn is handdyed and varies slightly in color with each batch, it is part of the magic and one of a kind nature of each piece. They are special, rare & in limited quantity.

Dry clean recommended or gently handwash in cold. Can be steamed to remove wrinkles.

Pure natural woven wool with a slight felted texture.

American made down insert, removable cover with zipper closure.

Dulces Sueños Pillow
Dash Patterned Pillow
Approx. 20"x20"
Sold Without Insert
Originally $240
NOW $120

Blue Dash still available.